Cease and Desist: A Farewell to Debbie Wasserman Schultz

It’s important to take up issues that are important to you with your representative, and what my Grandma did one bright sunny day in Aventura, Florida took courage and zeal.

At Bagel Cove deli, while my Grandma was sitting down at lunch probably eating a scooped out tuna bagel, in walks Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the former DNC Chairwoman and congressional representative of Miami-Dade County. She was met with pleasant greetings and by the many that knew her and ignored by the many that knew her and despised her. Unfortunately for Mrs. Schultz, my Grandma was a bit more outspoken than many of the disgruntled patrons. So as she passed by my Grandma’s table, my Grandma said,

“Hello, Debbie.”

And what came next continues to shock me to this day. My Grandma asked her where she had been for the people of Israel, alluding to the fact that Debbie was absent for a recent meeting on Israeli security in light of the discovery of tunnels being dug between Israel and the Gaza Strip.

Mrs. Schultz responded quickly and nervously, noting that she had written an Op-Ed in the Sun Sentinel, a South Florida publication, on the issue. My Grandma replied that she reads the Sentinel and the Miami Herald every week, and had seen nothing written by the congresswoman. Needless to say, Mrs. Schultz left the restaurant. Score 1 for Grandma.

It’s easy to have a bone to pick about something with Mrs. Schultz when you’re a staunch liberal.  Salon posits, “She’s against pot decriminalization, against an “open” Internet, against Edward Snowden, against refusing donations from corporate lobbyists, and skeptical (at the least) of President Obama’s recent nuclear agreement with Iran.” In fact, in 2011, President Obama had her in his office, ready to give her the boot, but her effectiveness as a fundraiser saved her and she continued to hold the position.

This is no longer the case. Recently hacked private emails of Mrs. Wasserman Schultz and her constituency reveals bias in her department when it came to a debate with former candidate Bernie Sanders. She questioned his religious beliefs on a private email server, and a top DNC official even called for someone to corner Sanders on his religious leanings. She tried tipping the primary in favor of Clinton in an unjust way. I guess that didn’t resonate well with the American people after Russian hackers dug up and published the emails on Wikileaks. And now, after being heckled and booed off stage in Philadelphia for her irresponsibility, she has just announced her resignation as the DNC chairwoman.

This scandal is government corruption at its finest, and will undoubtedly have a large impact on the DNC itself. Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton, who has had her fair share of public shaming, accusations, and federal inquiries into her supposed corrupt use of a private email server, is trying to distance herself from the incident. In statements to reporters on Sunday, Mrs. Clinton didn’t say why the DNC chairwoman had resigned or what exactly was contained within the email, but she did try to cut Mrs. Schultz some slack by allowing her to continue to help with the campaign, which could mean trouble for the presidential hopeful if she doesn’t address the issue tonight at the DNC.

My advice for Mrs. Schultz is to simply apologize to the American people. She will be shamed, and this could mean the end of her life in politics, but the only way to minimize the damage of this scandal would be to be as transparent as possible from this point forward. And to Hillary Clinton: Please talk about this scandal tonight at the DNC, leaving this scandal unaddressed makes you look as though you condone it. Be authentic and real with the American people, and simply state that it will never happen again. This is not representative of the Democratic Party, and hopefully, the next DNC chair will meet corruption with swift and merciless justice.

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