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Fred Reichneld is the creator of customer satisfaction surveys – but he feels they have gone too far. As the idea has spread, it has shifted from his original goal of testing brand loyalty to being excessively used for every product imaginable. Now, he hopes brands will realize the futility and failure of overusing surveys and will minimize their use.


Quote – “In a letter to the editor of Automotive News in 2013, Ronald Russo, executive manager at Vaden Automotive Group in Savannah, Georgia, complained that survey fatigue was leading to customer ill will and harsh responses.

“If our dealership gets poor survey ratings because customers state they are tired of receiving surveys, the manufacturers will count that against us,” he wrote.”



After delays with and problems related to the release of the Tesla Model X, two of Tesla’s executives, including its global head of production, are taking leaves of absence. Although some executives at Tesla have recently taken breaks and returned, it seems unclear for the head of production.


Quote – “While Tesla described Reichow’s exit as a leave of absence—and other executives have left and rejoined—the company also said Reichow will be involved in handing off his responsibilities to a successor to ensure uninterrupted production.”



Because of positive changes in oil supply and demand, although OPEC cannot come to terms with negotiations, it may no longer be necessary to limit crude output.


Quote – “Prices gained even though OPEC itself has been without a production target since December, and talks with other producers to freeze output fell apart last month after Saudi Arabia refused to join without Iran. While the recovery has relieved some pressure on producers, signs of discord persisted within the oil-exporters group.”


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