Ellis Soodak, Bernie Sanders, and Media Bias.

This article was posted with the permission of Ellis Soodak, a good friend and avid Bernie Sanders supporter. It originated as a facebook post.

Even if Hillary’s policies were better than Bernie’s—and I emphatically believe they are not—electing Bernie would be the first step toward dismantling our increasingly-corrupt political system. Voting for Hillary because of our long history, and sadly continuing tradition, of sexism might make us feel warm and fuzzy, but it won’t do anything regarding dismantling the actual systems that allow for this discrimination to continue to take place. These systems all derive from one place: the disconnect between the government and the people. Women make up 50% of our population, yet men practically have 100% of the power in politics. Whites make up 77% of America yet, again, practically control politics. The government has no incentive to listen to these groups because money speaks louder than people—disenfranchisement is easy when a hefty donation can buy political influence. And while I think Hillary is great and I doubt she truly intends to feed into the corruption in Washington, right now America needs someone who not only speaks out about these issues, but also someone who embodies them. To me, the decision isn’t just clear—it’s essential: Bernie Sanders 2016.

Ellis later expanded on allegations of media bias:

The polls [are not] an accurate gauge of who won—neither does the video—but it’s newsworthy. In fact, I actually think that Hillary *narrowly* out-performed Bernie, but I also think that because they had different goals for their performances, victory isn’t linear/zero-sum. Spencer’s giving me the benefit of the doubt was wise, I can do a lot with that benefit. For example, CNN could have just as easily written “Internet Poll Respondents Disagree with Political Experts” in their headline article covering the debate. They could have even made it a separate article—but instead the only article about Bernie’s performance in the debate from CNN was this absurd article (http://www.cnn.com/2015/10/14/politics/bernie-sanders-va/) about his statements on Veterans Affairs. CNN actively CHOSE to remove the poll—that is not in the spirit of journalism; it runs counter to a goal of informing the public. At best, it’s terrible journalism (although terrible journalism that consistently favors Hillary from the mainstream media makes me raise an eyebrow [http://www.alternet.org/…/bernie-bias-mainstream-media…]), at worst, it’s a blatant furthering of an agenda.

These are definitely interesting points that merit consideration. I have my own view, but I’m curious to see what you all think! Please let me know!

This video, with an annoyingly tenuous link between CNN and Hillary (alleging insidious corporate bias), was posted along with the article. Watch it at your own peril.

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