Letter To The Editor of NYT: Wife Bonus

Article: http://mobile.nytimes.com/2015/05/17/opinion/sunday/poor-little-rich-women.html?referrer=

To the editor,

No neighborhood in Manhattan is as highly self-regarded than the Upper East Side. The “UES”, as locals call it, has long been the place for money to congregate in a restricted social circle of wealth. Everything seems as pristine as the new 6-karat Harry Winston’s that an Upper East Side mother bought with her … gulp … wife bonus. A form of servitude, in my opinion, that makes the Upper East Side seem as dated as the cobblestone streets of the hip “Meatpacking.” As a feminist, romantic, and UES native, a wife bonus seems to me like the exact thing that is dating our society 60 years backwards. A man is employing his wife not only to make sure their children are enrolled in elite schools but to ensure that his homes, planes, and boats are looked after. In 2015, a wife should not be an employee, approval rating, or race horse, who, based on her performance, receives a monetary reward reflective of her husband’s happiness. One yearly bonus is a poor excuse for a woman’s economic independence. A Tiffany lock necklace is a glittering disguise for a choke-hold, a locked-in marriage that, if put on the neck of Gloria Steinem, she would rip it off and catapult it back into the past where it belongs.

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